10 Jan
creative wedding photography

What do you call an artistic wedding photography? Of course, there isn't a one and only answer to that question that would reflect all of the demands our clients have. Actually, one can find a lot of different answers.

01 Jul

For 30-40 thousands years now, the human hand was the one that created icons and images on various surfaces, drawing with coal, ink and paints. Quite recently, only 190 years ago Nicephore Niepce, thanks to a technological advancement that occurred in 1826. He presents a new method of copying onto a photosensitive material, those subjects that were in front of the photographic lens.

15 Apr

Wedding Photography as all professions it requires an experience and knowledge that is based off on practice and time. It doesn't only limit itself to only taking photos. Very important is the editing too, which can be extremely time-consuming. In order to ensure the high quality of the photographs, we need professional equipment, especially the most difficult lighting conditions.