Visual Life Photography

October 1, 2020

Klaudia & Milosz – Wedding Photo Session in Crete

Romantic wedding travels, particularly to sunny Crete, which is popular with young Polish couples, paired with an imaginatively organized wedding photo session, proved to be the season’s success this year. Even the inconvenience and travel difficulties imposed by Covid were insufficient to persuade these newlyweds from Poland to abandon their plans. It’s no surprise that I’ve had a number of requests for outdoor wedding picture sessions in Crete this year.

Despite the pandemic’s restrictions on tourist traffic, Klaudia and Miosz decided to visit Greece for a few days. Holidays for two in sunny Crete, paired with a full-day outdoor wedding session in a variety of settings, proved to be an alluring temptation. All I had to do was pick the proper spots for a fun photo shoot.

We were mainly interested in the photos with the panoramic view of the magnificent Balos Beach, but I made sure that our tour also included stops at a few other interesting locations.

We went out on our full-day trip with two Young Couple friends, seeing some intriguing sites in Crete’s northwestern region. Klaudia and Miosz were completely at ease in front of the camera. Despite the August heat, we had a terrific time. In our PORTFOLIO you may view the results of our shared time.