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Robert Kulijewicz
Wedding photographer

Robert Kulijewicz

Alicja Luczak
marketing specialist

Alicja Luczak

Hello there! I'm Robert

I'm delighted you found me. Let me tell you a little bit about myself and my photography style. For me, photography is much more than just a profession. It's a hobby of mine. Wedding photography, in particular. When I photograph a wedding, baptism, or any other equally important day in your life, I am honored to be a part of such a momentous occasion, which is full with tremendous emotions and distinct personalities. In contrast to contrived and "posed" images, I specialize in documentary wedding photography, also known as natural wedding reportage, which truly reflects the actual feelings and events that surround the wedding day. The shots from your wedding are natural, and they frequently capture moments and details that you would only notice later browsing through your wedding album.

Weddings are the most exciting challenges I enjoy photographing because each one is so different. That's because the couple in question is always one-of-a-kind. Every wedding day is a well-planned affair with a sense of harmony and uniqueness. Each pair brings something unique and beneficial to the picture. A wedding photographer's job is to capture the couple's bond, love, and happiness. My goal is to capture the artistic aspect and beauty of a wedding by letting it evolve naturally and capturing the emotions, excitement, happiness, pleasure, and passion in a single shot.

A successful wedding photographer, in my opinion, should be able to tell an engaging "story" through the use of images. I want to portray your wedding day in a natural and distinctive way, because these images will accompany you and remind you of the history of your love for years to come. Show this story to your family and friends. This is my approach to photography and what drives me to do what I do. Thank you to everyone who visited my website, especially those who chose me as their photographer for such a wonderful occasion.

Robert Kulijewicz

Hey there! I'm Alice

I'm a marketing and company image expert. I enjoy drawing, painting, sketching, sculpting, and trying out new art mediums. I primarily - but not exclusively - deal with the marketing side of things in our company, as well as the organization of outdoor sessions on the Greek Islands. My job also entails ensuring that your photos are as stunning as you are.

Alice Luczak