Visual Life Photography

January 26, 2018

Agnieszka & Marcin and their dream elopement wedding in the Athens, Greece.

Agnieszka and Marcin decided that they wanted to get married in Athens, even though they live in the gorgeous city of Warsaw. They combined this unique event with a magnificent trip over to Athens. As per the plan, they¬† had a short ceremony at “Dimos Athineon,” which concluded with their marriage. The very next day was surprisingly sunny for mid-December. Thus, we were able to take a long stroll around the Acropolis, where they had a romantic Next Day Wedding Photo Session. Agnieszka and Marcin had lots of fun whilst posing for the photographs, and even though, they had brief moment of losing their engagement ring on the Filopappou Hill, their moods didn’t waver. We found the ring really quickly as we noticed its loss quite soon, and searched in the area of the “catastrophe”, and we managed to find it after a few minutes. After finding it in the place where we have taken several photos with the Acropolis in the background, we decided to “fly” over to Megaro Zappeio for a short session among the marble columns of this amazing historical monument. You can see the results of the session in the gallery. I really wish you guys all the best!