Visual Life Photography

September 19, 2019

Paulina & Arkadiusz – Wedding Photo Session in Santorini

I met Paulina and Arkadiusz on the Internet, as do the majority of couples in Poland. And it wouldn’t be anything out of the norm if it weren’t for a funny – and quite pleasant – incident. Arkadiusz was the first to contact me in full secrecy, followed by Paulina a few days later. They decided to give their “other half” a surprise in the shape of a wedding photo session in Santorini. In the end, this fascinating story resulted in a birthday present for Paulina. On their wedding day in Poland, Paula received the Voucher for a wedding photo session in Santorini that I issued as a gift to her husband.

We met in sunny Santorini at the end of September. I decided to show Paula the most beautiful parts of the island so she might achieve her dreams. The view from the magnificent Caldera and photos against the backdrop of wonderful, snow-white churches drenched in sunlight were the major goals of our trip. Paula looked stunning as she posed in her gorgeous wedding gown with her devoted husband.

Paulina’s determination pleasantly surprised me. Despite her fear of climbing the spherical roof of the white church on the crater’s slope, she decided to try to make her wish come true. A little patience, and a few moments for her to get used to the scenery spread beneath her feet, helped her overcome her fears. She could relax while admiring the scenery and posing for photos with his husband.

Photos from this romantic photo session may be found HERE.