Visual Life Photography

September 15, 2019

Pre Wedding photo session in Crete

A few weeks ago I received an interesting offer to go to on this sunny Greek island. Two couples had decided to have their vacation, also they had decided to realize their dream of a Pre Wedding photo session in Crete.

Without hesitating, I booked tickets. After a few days met Halina and Tomasz, and their friends Paulina and Szymon, at the airport in Heraklion.

We immediately went to a sandy beach near the city to use the morning sun and capture in pictures what is most beautiful in Greece. Both couples looked really great against the azure sea.

After a short session outdoors by the sea we went to the center of Heraklion. Whilst visiting the Old Town we found a few small alleys and interiors of historic buildings to get a romantic photos of both couples. Except for the beautiful historical places of Heraklion, you can see heaps of great fun in the photos.

Great Greek sunny weather accompanied us throughout the day traveling around Crete. The hike around Heraklion brought about a lot of warm, lovely pictures that spoke volumes of the amazing atmosphere of that charming day and the feelings of both couples.

At the end of the day – after a tasty Greek meal and a short rest, we went for a small ride, looking for interesting places near the sea that we could use for the needs of our photo session. The effects of our exploration, please judge it for yourself …