Visual Life Photography

October 15, 2019

Lucia & Przemek – Elopement Wedding in Rhodes

At the beginning of January, I received an interesting prospect of going for a trip to Rhodes in the Fall. There Lucia and Przemek planned their Elopement Wedding at a lovely place called Kallithea. Of course, I was really happy to be able to help them. We also had planned to explore this gorgeous Greek Isle in search of beautiful places to have the wedding photo session.

After getting all the paperwork done with buying the plane tickets, hotel reservations, and renting a car – it’s important to have a convenient means of transportation – the only thing left was to organise an adventure around the island, and fully explore it to get the best results in the photos.

By the end of September, on wedding day, I met up with Lucia and Przemek at the Kallithea Springs. The ceremony was cosy and had a lovely background violin music accompaniment and held place at the lovely Rotunda.

Both of the vows of both Lucia and Przemek were so moving and romantic that everyone present could feel the couple’s love for one another. After all those years working as a wedding photographer -when I’m present to witness such important moments and when I’m a few feet away from the couple able to see the pure love and emotions on their faces – I can’t be passive and I’ll admit, the moment gets to me too.

After the ceremony, we had a glass of champagne to celebrate and we left with the newly weds to take some photos with the setting sun for a gorgeous background.

The following day, we went off to the Old Town and took some photos with the old buildings and monuments. The bride was wearing a downright beautiful wedding dress that caught the attention of many. The people from all corners of the earth wished the couple well in their own languages, which was incredible. The atmosphere of the town was unique, warm and memorable. I don’t think Lucia and Przemek will ever forget that!

I wish you both the absolute best, my friends!