Visual Life Photography

October 1, 2019

Brygida & Szczepan – Next Day Wedding photography in Santorini

I met Brigida and Szczepan in Monastiraki, Athens for the very first time the same day they arrived to Greece. We got to know each other over a cup of coffee near Acropolis. We decided on the details of the Wedding Photo Session in Santorini and to have an all-day photo session in several locations.  This way they can visit the most interesting places in Thira, Imerovigli and Oia during their stay Days later at the airport in Santorini, we met again and immediately, … well, not immediately, but after a delicious breakfast, we got to work. Breakfast was a delicious, sweet greek bougatsa with cream and an aromatic, strong freddo cappuccino. I did the shooting and Brigida and Szczepan did the posing. I really wanted to use sunlight during this Wedding Photo Session. Its color, exposure and the direction of the sunrays depend on the time of day. With that in mind, I arranged our route around the island, taking into account the sun’s location at specific times of the day. That is what ultimately determines the angle of light in certain locations. During outdoor sessions, the correct background lighting for a posing couple is very important. Thus, I decided to start our trip from Imerovigli. Specifically, … from the roof of a white church, that shows the incredible view of Skaros Rock. A short walk down the slope of Caldera on Thira allowed me to take some interesting shots. A crater hidden in the sea and powerful cruise ships seen from Caldera looks absolutely stunning. This amazing view from the volcano’s slopes is the reason Newlyweds decide to visit this island during their honeymoon. After a short rest and a tasty meal in a local Greek tavern, it was time to explore Oia. Oia one of the most beautiful locations on the island. Hundreds of tiny white churches and windmills provide a dream background for a romantic wedding photo session. Thanks to the kindness of one of the owners of an exclusive hotel, we had the opportunity to take a few photos on the oval white roofs of her guest house. We also decided to try taking some photos on the ruins of the old castle in Oia during the picturesque sunset.