Visual Life Photography

July 6, 2021

Kasia & Tomasz – A Romantic Photo Session in Crete

A wedding photo session while on vacation in Greece is the ideal way to commemorate your tenth wedding anniversary. This is how Tomek and Kasia came up with the idea of doing a romantic picture shoot on this bright Greek island.

Genuine sensations and emotions, spontaneous frames free of awkward positions, but with a tinge of humour in the backdrop. This is all Kasia and Tomek want to see in the images, stating that it is these shots that they are most interested in. As a result, we decided on a few parameters such as the session’s date and the areas they would like to see during our joint full-day tour of Crete. I needed to prepare for my vacation after purchasing my airplane tickets to Heraklion.

The sound of the 5 a.m. alarm clock does not sound very welcoming, but an hour later I check in with luggage packed with camera gear at the airport waiting for check-in. We’ll be on our way in less than an hour! First, a quick trip to Rethymno yielded some beautiful images for the movie clip that I agreed to edit. After exploring this wonderful Cretan city, we may “recharge our batteries” with a short rest and a strong cold coffee before returning to Heraklion. Because I have arranged the majority of my attractions in this gorgeous capital of Crete. And there’s a lot to see. For tourists, the Old Town truly has much to be proud of.

Many exquisite old buildings and charming tiny lanes create a one-of-a-kind ambience, and a walk around the fort’s defences is also not to be missed. At the conclusion of the day, we decided to carry out the final part of our plan and visit a gorgeous sandy beach near the city. It was supposed to be a backdrop for the final few images and video clips.

And how did it turn out? I believe it turned out great! Check it out for yourself. Photos and a video clip from our trip throughout Crete can be found HERE.

P.S. Kasia and Tomek sent me a really kind email after seeing the first photos… for which I am eternally grateful! Kasia and Tomek – I was delighted to meet you… and it was a lovely day with you, a wonderful day!