Visual Life Photography

Galini & Anestis – Pre wedding photo session in Edinburgh

Galini and Anestis, although they are both from Greece, they met and fell in love in Edinburgh in Scotland. The arrangements for the wedding, which will take place in...

April 26, 2017
Mariliana & Christos – Next Day Wedding Photography in Athens

The afternoon light in After Day photo shoot in Voula created warm, vibrant colors and helped us to capture wonderful images. The vibrance of colours really bring out the...

October 10, 2016
Wedding Photo Session in Greece

Do you dream of your Wedding Photo Session to be utterly unique and perfect? Would you like your dream Wedding Photo Session to be in Santorini, or another equally...

September 26, 2016
Wedding Photography – Occupation or Art

Wedding Photography as all professions it requires an experience and knowledge that is based off on practice and time. It doesn’t only limit itself to only taking photos. Very...

January 1, 2016