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Available for weddings in Greek Islands, Santorini, Mykonos, Crete, Rhodes. We photograph the story of your love in a style that suits you. Documentary Wedding Photography and Creative Baptism Photography by

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Marriage is one of the most significant moments in our lives. Photos are one of the few things that will stay forever, to remind you of the original and the most romantic moments of the day of your wedding. Choosing a creative photographer for your Wedding is very important, the artistic sense and the experience of having a decisive influence on the memories that will stay with you. The photographs from your Wedding will allow you to come back to this wonderful and romantic day, to relive the anticipation, and excitement each time you open your album.

Of course, we do not limit ourselves only to Weddings. Baptisms, ceremonies, events, are equally important to us. We offer you complete professional services in regards to Photographing, Filming of both Wedding and Baptism, however, you can choose the services, and create your own unique offer. We undertake commissions from all over Greece and Europe, with a tint of imagination, aesthetics, and a unique viewpoint on Photographing your Wedding and your child’s Christening.

Let’s live together the most heartwarming moments of your Wedding Day.


Robert Kulijewicz

Wedding Photographer in Greece

Wedding in Greece

A wedding overseas is a fascinating alternative to a conventional Polish celebration, and a wedding on one of Greece’s fairy-tale islands is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Your wedding can be truly unique due to diverse customs in other parts of Europe. We collaborate with a number of companies who organize weddings in Greece, and we can assist you in gathering all of the required information for planning a wedding in Greece. We can also assist you in selecting the ideal site for your wedding or reception. All couples planning a wedding for just the two of them, known as an elopement wedding, are invited to contact us about coming to Greece.

Engagement photo session

For some years, future newlyweds have been increasingly interested in pre-wedding picture sessions. More and more couples who have picked a date for their wedding are looking for more than just documentation images of the ceremony and reception from their photographer. They want to add photographs from an engagement photo session that was professionally done to their book. Interesting photographs displaying your love and personality, full of emotions and excitement, would be a wonderful keepsake for you and your loved ones. Photos from the pre-wedding photo shoot can be included in your wedding album or shown as part of a slide presentation during the reception. An additional advantage of an outdoor engagement session is the opportunity to meet and learn about the photographer you’ve chosen for your wedding. The laid-back setting of your first “formal” picture shoot will let you unwind and, most importantly, get used to the camera. The experience you gather in this manner could be quite useful on your wedding day. As a photographer, the engagement session is also a terrific way for me to get to know you better, as well as your personality and expectations. Perhaps you might get some advice or assistance on how to posture for shots. It’s also an excellent opportunity to form friendly bonds that will aid us in our future endeavors.

Engagement photo session
Wedding photography in Santorini

Wedding photo session in Greece

For many couples, a Next Day Wedding photo session during their honeymoon in Greece is a dream come true. Why should these fantasies not come true? You can have the most fantastic vacation of your life at a reasonable cost by organizing your travel date and destination ahead of time, and the memories and images from the outdoor wedding session, which will last a lifetime, are simply priceless. We work with both businesses and individuals, and couples from Poland and Scotland planning a wedding or an outdoor session in Greece can always rely on us for information and assistance. For further information on our prices and availability for 2022 and 2023, please contact us. We are always delighted to answer any questions that our customers may have.