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Adrianna & Andrzej - Next Day Wedding Photography in Crete

Adrianna & Andrzej – Next Day Wedding Photography in Crete

Crete, which is sunny and hot, is a popular tourist destination. For many young couples, it is also a romantic honeymoon location of choice. Adrianna and Andrzej were in the same boat. They packed their suitcases the day after the wedding, boarded the plane, and landed on this beautiful island after a brief journey. Their “Super Plan” for an ideal honeymoon trip to Greece included a few days spent just the two of them exploring the most interesting sites of Crete. We went on a full-day excursion paired with a wedding photo session as they also agreed to take up on my offer.

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Alicja Luczak


Robert Kulijewicz


Robert Kulijewicz


Robert Kulijewicz

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