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Marriage is a unique and unrepeatable moment for you, your loved ones, and all your friends. Having unique and creative photographs from your wedding will help retain those romantic moments allowing you to recall the most beautiful and astounding time of your life. By simply opening the album, you will be able to relive those moments at any given time.

For us the most important thing is to capture images from your wedding, the genuine and true feelings of happiness that surround this special day, the love that you feel for one another, and thus taking photographs of all of the authentic and beautiful moments that occurred on that special day.

Usually a complete cover of the Wedding Day includes the photo-shoot of the couple's preparation, photo-shoot of the ceremony, artistic session afterwards, the couple's portraits, and the traditional family photographs as well. The photo-shoot continues for a few hours in the reception area, where we portray the most important moments and events in images that reflect the fun and your feelings. We offer a photographic session before the wedding, and the Next Day photo-shoot as well. Choosing a free date and a marvellous place, we have the opportunity, without stressing, but with light spirits, to create romantic images that will remain unforgettable, and will enrich your album.

In all the photographs we do detailed digital processing and retouching in order to achieve the desired, and perfect result. We deliver the photos in digital form, without logo, with the maximum resolution possible, without extra charge. Each pack may also include, apart from the photography, the filming.

You also have the ability to order from us, the Photo Album with beautiful shots of the Wedding Day. The Wedding Digital Album we recommend to you have life-long warrant, and are hand-made. The pages are made out of 1mm special material, in order to preserve the album's long lasting effect throughout the year. There are many sizes, and designs, in order to create an Wedding Photo Books befitting your personal preferences. You may also order from us printed out photographs, printed-outs on a canvas and so on, and so forth in various sizes and designs.

We offer complete, and professional wedding photography services, however, you will not find default templates on our website concerning weddings with preset prices - for a single reason - you choose services and products according to your desires, and specify what exactly should be included in the offer. We adapt to your requirements in order to fulfill your expectations, and serve you with the most economical prices for wedding photography.

In order for us to send you the offer especially tailored towards your needs, with the detailed prices of our services, please contact us and fill in your details and wishes on the  Contact Form . We will contact you as soon as possible to inform you of the availability and active offers and discounts.