We want to hire you to become our wedding photographer, what should we do?

Please contact with me by filling out the contact form with the exact date, and location of the sacrament. I will come back to you as soon as possible with my availability for the date. After we arrange it, we will meet to get to know each other, and so that you would be able to ask me whatever questions or concerns you may have. Once you have decided to hire me, we will sign a contract that will book the wedding date.



Do you undertake weddings outside of Athens? Is there any additional cost involved?

I am proud that you have chosen me among so many photographers. I love travelling to new places, thus I do undertake weddings outside Greece, and Europe. There is, however, an additional cost which includes the travel and subsistence costs. For each, the prices shall be discussed with you.



We would like to ask for the Next Day Photoshooting. What is it? What should be done?

The Next Day Photoshooting occurs in various, beautiful locations perfect for the couple’s portraits. The After Day happens without the stress that is during the actual wedding day. Without the pressure of time, we can take an artistic approach and capture the unforgettable moments in photographs. Of course, the Next Day photoshoot can happen any other day after the wedding. There are several locations we can recommend depending on what you like, such as the sea, or mountains, but you can choose a place that is important to you. A more personal location such as the place where you had your first kiss, or where the wedding proposal happened.



What sort of equipment do you use?

Wedding Photography is very demanding. I use digital cameras, as they offer the speed and ability to photograph in hard conditions, such as low lighting, interiors, and at night, without the use of flash. Moreover, the RAW files allow bigger freedom in editing the photos. I have the ability to “show” the images the way I want.



How many photographs shall we receive from our wedding?

The number of photographs that you will receive depends on the package that you choose. On a wedding with few events, the number of photographs is around 500, while long lasting weddings, which include the preparation of both the groom and the bride, and the Next Day Shooting, count around 1000 to 1200 photographs. The number of the photos increases with the presence of a second photographer, however, it is quite impossible to guarantee the exact number of photographs that you will receive from us. I believe that 10 photos ofvery good quality, and uniqueness are way better than having 100, but identical.



How much does the wedding photography cost and what is included in the price?

The offer for photographing your wedding consiists of pre-wedding photo session, preparing of the bride and groom, sacrament and reception photo shoot, artistic portraits and Next Day Wedding Photography. Here I must note that our work does not end on your wedding day. Quite the contrary, it only just began. After taking hundreds of photographs, time-consuming, and thorough editing commences, which may take us a few days to do. If you wish us to give you printed out photos and the Photo Albums, the cost increases adequately. In the prices, the VAT tax is not included, as well the additional travel and subsistence costs, if the wedding is happening outside of Attica.



Are there installments in which we can pay you?

For your convenience and better service, the payment is split into three installments. The first one will be paid with the signing of the contract, the second one on the day of your wedding and the final one upon the receipt of the photographs.



May we receive the photos in digital form?

The time when the photographer gave his customers printed out photos is gone. The development of technology gave us new possibilities, and led us to the digitalisation of photos. The photographs you will receive, after editing and touch-ups will be in digital form, in the JPEG file, without watermarks, or additional costs. The photographs will be in the best possible resolutions, so that you will be able to print them out or enlargements.



Do you use artificial light?

Only when it is necessary. I prefer to use the natural lighting for a better result, but many times, especially during wedding photography, the interiors are often dark with low lighting, in that case, we use studio flash lights to "fix" the lighting. The lighting is crucial in our work and its use demands knowledge and care.