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  • Agnieszka & Marcin and their dream Next Day Wedding Photo Session at the Acropolis. Athens, Greece.

    Next Day Wedding Photo Shooting in Athens
    Agnieszka and Marcin decided that even though they live in the gorgeous Warsaw, they would get married in Athens, Greece. They combined this unique event with a magnificent trip over to Athens. As per the plan, they  had a short ceremony at "Dimos Athineon," which concluded with their marriage. The very next day was surprisingly sunny for mid-December, and thus we were able to take a long stroll around the Acropolis, where they had a romantic Next Day Wedding Photo Session. Agnieszka and Marcin had lots of fun whilst posing for the photographs, and even though a brief moment of losing the engagement ring on the Filopappou Hill, their moods were unwavered. The ring was found really quickly as we noticed it quite soon, and searched in the area of the "catastrophe", and the photographer (ie. me laughing) managed to find it after a few minutes. After finding it in the place where we have taken several photos with the Acropolis in the background, we decided to "fly" over to Megaro Zappeio for a short session among the marble columns of this amazing historical monument. The results of the session can be observed in the gallery.

    I really wish you guys all the best!
  • Documentary Wedding and Christening Photography





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    Marriage is one of the most important moments in our lives. On that day unite their lives of two people, two families become one. Photos are one of the few things that will stay forever,to remind you of the original and the most romantic moments of the day of your wedding. Choosing a creative photographer for the wedding is very important, the artistic sense and theexperience of having a decisive influence on the memories that will stay with you. We will always be near by to depict your love and beauty, in order to preserve these unique and gorgeous memories. The photographs from your Wedding will allow you to return to this romantic day, and relive the anticipation, and excitement each time you open your album.

    As you will see in the galleries, we don't simply record events. Our aim is to reflect your uniqueness, beauty, and your individual personality in our photographs. At the same time, we want to create unforgettable images that show the fun and the plethora of emotions of your Wedding Day. Because you deserve a personal approach and a unique story which will be yours completely. We want you to live it again every time you look back on the photographs from that day. Our job is to capture that story in a discreet, beautiful and original way. By giving us the opportunity, and the ability to document all those amazing memories, and design a collection of images that encompass one of the most important moments in your life, is a great gift that one can give to a photographer. We suggest artistic and spontaneous photography, where the photographer captures that which is before him, without intervening and he uses natural lighting, in order to capture the images from your wedding or the christening of your child.

    Of course, we do not focus on wedding photography exclusively. Baptism, pregnancy photography as well as newborns photography, portraits and family photographs are equally significant to us. We offer complete, professional photography and filming services of both Weddings and Baptisms. However, you may choose which services suit your needs best, and include them in the commission. We will adapt to your choice in order to fully portray what you wished for. Making use of our knowledge, experience in wedding photography, creativity, and aesthetics, we will undertake the photography of your wedding and the baptism of your child from both Greece and all over Europe.


    Let's live together the most heartwarming moments of your Wedding Day.




  • Eleni & Giorgos - bridal photo session after wedding

    bridal photo session

    One of the very first weddings of 2015 that happened in the Agia Filothei church in Athens, where, after the ceremony, Eleni, Giorgos and me, went to the park for a more artistic photo-shoot. Making use of the darker light of the night, and the beauty of the place, we took several quite interesting photographs. The key secret to a successful Wedding photo-shoot, is the relaxed and playful mood of the couple.

  • Mariliana & Christos - Next Day Wedding Photography in Athens

    next day wedding photography

    Mariliana and Christos - Next Day photo shooting. The vibrance of colours really bring out the intensity of the emotions, the warmth, and beauty of the couple. The afternoon light in After Day photo shoot in Voula created warm, vibrant colors and helped us to capture wonderful images. Thank you very much Mariliana and Christos for a fun and very romantic evening. I wish you the best !!!

  • Next Day Wedding photo session in Santorini Island

    Next Day Wedding photo session in Santorini Island
  • Wedding photo session in Greece

    Wedding photography in Greece

    Do you dream of your Wedding to be utterly unique and perfect? Would you like it to be held in Santorini, or another equally gorgeous Greek island? Are you planning to come to Greece for your honeymoon trip, or would you like to have photographs from a romantic session on one of the isles? Perhaps you're interested in shooting a commercial or fashion photography session in Greece? If you're looking for a photographer who would help you and give you advise in terms of organisation, or choosing the location, don't hesitate to contact us. Our offers may surprise you.