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    Hi, welcome to my website, I'm very glad you've found me. Let me tell you a few things about me and my style of photography. Photography is something much more that just a profession for me. It is a passion of mine. Especially wedding photography. Whenever I take photos of a Wedding, Baptism or any other, equally significant day of your life, I am proud to be able to participate in such an important event. It is full of powerful emotions, and unique personalities. I specialise in documentary wedding photography, sometimes referred to as the natural wedding reportage, which in contrast to staged and "posed" photographs, fully reflects the atmosphere that surrounds the wedding day. The images from your Wedding are natural, and often portray moments and details that you only will notice, while looking at the pictures from your Wedding Album.

    Weddings are the most interesting challenges I love to photograph. Each wedding is so unique, because the couple involved are unique themselves. Every wedding day is an orchestrated event, in which there is harmony and originality. Each couple offers something completely new and positive to the photograph. Capturing the couple's relationship, love and happiness is crucial for a wedding photographer. My goal is to capture the artistic side and beauty of a wedding by allowing it to unfold, and portray the emotions, excitement, happiness, thrill and passion within a single photograph.

    I believe that a good wedding photographer should be able to portray an interesting "story" which he presents with the use of photographs. I want to present the day of your wedding in a natural and also unique way, as these photographs will accompany you and remind you of the history of your love in the coming years. Show this story to you and your loved ones. This is my philosophy and my motivation in the photographer's work. Thanks to all of you who visited my website, especially those who trusted me by choosing me as the photographer for this special day in their lives.

    Robert Kul