Wedding photo session at the Temple of Poseidon

  • Pre Wedding photo session in Crete

    Pre Wedding photo session in Crete Greece

    A few weeks ago I received an interesting offer to go to Crete, where two couples had decided to have their vacation. Also they had decided to realize their dream of a engagement photo session on this sunny Greek island. Without hesitating, I booked tickets and after a few days met Halina and Tomasz, and their friends Paulina and Szymon, at the airport in Heraklion. Great Greek sunny weather accompanied us throughout the day traveling around Crete, and the hike around Heraklion brought about a lot of warm, lovely pictures that spoke volumes of the amazing atmosphere of that charming day and the feelings of both couples.

  • Sandra & Marcin - Wedding photo session in Athens Greece

    Wedding photo session in Athens Greece

    A romantic honeymoon trip is a dream of many couples who want their wedding to be perfect. Sandra and Marcin, enamoured with their previous trip to Greece, decided to make their dream come true and come visit Athens while on their honeymoon. Naturally, one of the many reasons behind choosing their destination was the desire to have a session with the Acropolis, Cape Sounion and Poseidon's temple in the background.