Creative wedding photography

What do you call an artistic wedding photography? Of course, there isn't a one and only answer to that question that would reflect all of the demands our clients have. Actually, one can find a lot of different answers.

Some believe that the artistic photos are the spontaneous ones, where the photographer captures that which is before him, without intervening. Others believe, that only the staged photos could be consider artistic, with artificial lighting, a director and a hair dresser around us to be mindful of each little detail. A lot of our clients request "lifestyle" or "glamour" photography session in specific locations. They desire black-and-white or monochrome photographs in the shade of sepia or ochre, in order to show their personal love for the traditional photography style. 

A lot of you could answer in your own way and certainly you would be right, as the answer to this question depended solely on your personal taste. I, myself, believe that there is a link among all the answers. What the most important element in artistic wedding photography is the emotional aspect of it that ought to be transferred onto the photograph and then given to the viewer.